Welcome to Elite Business Referrals Services Ltd

Elite Business Referrals Services Ltd is a business referral and recruitment firm with Head office in Kampala (Uganda). Elite provides cleaning services to both commercial and individuals that need them among other services. The primary purpose of Elite Business Referrals Services Ltd is to link people with needed services by;
⇒Identifying their needs, Finding the most appropriate services to meet their needs, and linking them to the most appropriate service providers.

Our Goals

We understand people’s situations, Give them the resources, Prioritize and plan, Identify and understand community resources, when necessary advocate, and Follow up.

Our Roles /Mission

We effectively communicate with people, Accurately identify people’s problems and needs, Locate needed services and resources, Help people make good choices when accessing services, Follow up with people and Maintain records.


Professional ethics are designed to protect the dignity and rights of people who being served. At Elite we ensure that the confidentiality of people we serve is preserved.

Our Client’s Rights.

To be empowered, Anonymous/ Confidential access to information, Assistance, Accurate & comprehensive information, Support in obtaining services and to be treated with respect